Friday, October 13, 2006

Carpet Cleaning Day!

Don't you just LOVE having clean carpets? Our carpets were driving us CRAZY because they were so dirty. Well, backing up a little bit, we actually had a little flooding accident a month or two ago. Our neighbor who lives above us flooded her bathroom (her kids were dumping water out of the tub, onto the floor!) and it started dripping through the ceiling into our apartment in several spots! We cleaned everything up the best we could. One spot on the carpet got very wet and we thought we soaked it up well enough. But, now there is a huge dark spot where the water was and we were worried there could be mold underneath. So, our carpets are being cleaned right now. Evan is asleep (hopefully still asleep even with all the noise!) and Jordyn and I are hiding out in the bedroom.
Our neighor flooding our apartment is just ONE of the MANY MANY annoying things she has done. She is one of those neighbors you pray and wish you NEVER get! haha I could tell you stories upon stories about our neighbor, but it would take me all day. Hopefully there is no way she could come across this blog!
Tom is gone until tomorrow afternoon. He went up to a cabin with a few of the young men and leaders. They were going to shoot guns, play videogames, and ride motorcycles - a guy's dream day I guess! We have the babysitting co-op tonight, so I am taking the kids there and going to a cooking/baking party (like Pampered Chef, but a diff. company). Then tomorrow morning we are going running on the Centennial Trail with Susan. After that, I think we will just be lazy until Tom gets home!

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