Thursday, October 19, 2006

Question of the Week!

Would you rather: Marry your first boyfriend/girlfriend - OR - marry someone your parents chose for you?

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Emily said...

I don't think I'd want to marry my first boyfriend. I would trust mom and dad to pick a really good/decent guy for me, but I'd be a little scared that he would be..... well, not very good looking, maybe too nerdy! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Since we were rooting for your current boyfriend all along, are you saying Tom is nerdy and not very good looking?

My mom and grandma wanted me to be serious with my first boyfriend "John" but I had better sense and dumped him. He ran off to Reno about four months later with someone and got hitched--he was psycho!

Topher said...

First of all, what is that creepy picture of?

Jenny WAS my first real girlfriend, so I'll take "first girlfriend". My parents would have picked out Minnie Pearl or some other Hee-Haw type.

Emily said...

Can't you tell? It's a cute picture of a little boy and girl getting married!

Mom - I would have gotten very lucky if you had chosen Tom... he is good looking and NOT nerdy. But, if you didn't choose him, most likely it would have been a nerd! :)

Jenny said...

I would have to say let my parents pick a person for me.

We think the little picture looks like dead baby corpses getting married. Psycho weird & creepy!

Emily said...

Hahaha OK, I guess the little girl does look like she might be a corpse!