Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Welcome to my blog!

I'm not one to be left out of all the fun. So, I finally gave in to all of the peer pressure and made my blog! I hope you like it and you better leave comments (that means you "lurkers"!).
I named my blog "Simple But Great" because that is exactly what my life is! The idea was also inspired by my husband, Tom, and his blog. (go to - post #1 "Jumping on the Computer Nerd Bandwagon")

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Jenny said...

I'm so excited you FINALLY started your blog. We promise not to be lurkers!

want2bthin said...

Okay, so that I don't get blamed for being a lurker, I thought I better comment. I love the photos of the kids and Tom. I don't dare show Bill the one of Tom with the gun, because then he will start bugging me for his deer license and they have a "lottery" for the zone they can hunt in and every year we pay $50 and he doesn't get the zone and we loose the money. Anyway, Jordyn looks great and I understand that she is progressing, I am not surprised! We showed her picture to Serina and she just smiles. Bill is sure she remembers Jordyn, I think it is just wishful thinking because Bill loves his little neice so much. I too have a blog area started, but not published (besides the want2bthin one), I thought I could hold out, because you were still not out there. Now, I will have to get some photos together and do one. I still don't know how to get a photo to show up like you all do with your profile and then it also shows up when you leave a comment on someone elses blog. I am a wannabe computer nerd! Well, I will try and get mine done before I leave for Utah on Tuesday. THANKS A LOT EM!

Bobbie Cline said...

I was so glad to here from you. This blogging idea- it's great and keeps me in touch with the Spokane life! I miss you guys! I can't wait to see you again, even if it's not until June 23rd!!! Don't forget. Say hello to your crew.