Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Family Update

Evan is getting so big! He is at such a cute stage. He smiles at everyone and everything and is starting to coo alot. He recently got a nasty virus and had to stay in the hospital two days. He is doing really well now. We were lucky that my best friend of 18 years (wow! has it been that long?) , Jeni, was his nurse in the hospital! Thanks Jeni, for taking such good care of Evan!
Jordyn is enjoying her summer. She likes her little brother and get's quite concerned when he starts crying. She looks at him like she is trying to figure out what's wrong! Jordyn is continuing physical therapy this summer and seems to be doing pretty well. We hope to get her out to our pool more often... she likes to be in the water!
We recently went to Montana to visit my family and then Wyoming to visit Tom's family. This is a picture of Tom after he shot a muskrat that was swimming in their pond, on the ranch. He also got to play paintball on his brother's new paintball field in Sheridan, WY. He obviously loved that! The kids and I are missing him right now as he is backpacking in Montana, until this weekend, with the Boy Scouts in our ward. (I'm sure he will tell us all about it on his blog when he gets home.)
I am keeping busy being a mom to two kids. I have also started nannying again, three times a week, for my sister. She now has Elizabeth (almost 2) and Katherine (4 months - two weeks older than Evan) . Watching 4 kids keeps me busy too! They are surprisingly very well behaved when they are all together!
Tom and I recently ran the Laurel, MT Chief Joseph run. We both took first place in our age groups! The Bybee's ruled the race! However, Tom was the only one in his age group and I was one out of two... number two was my sister! Oh well ... who cares... we are still going to show off our cool awards! Posted by Picasa

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Topher said...

Nice blog, Em. By the way, thanks for showing us that Wyoming tough guys hunt in anklet socks. So much for the stereotype I had in mind.

Pop said...

These are two of the seven most beautiful children in the whole world.

Emily said...

I thought about explaining the socks! haha They make him look so tough don't they? The pond is only about 20 feet from their back porch, so Tom ran out in his sock to shoot the muskrat.