Sunday, July 30, 2006

Geocaching Adventures

Saturday afternoon we all got ready to go out to our apartment pool to take a swim, only to find out it was closed! This has happened on more than one occasion.... we spend about an hour trying to get both kids happy, getting Jordyn ready to go swim, getting ourselves ready to swim, and gathering up everything we need to go outside, only to find out that the pool isn't even open! ( it closes once in awhile due to broken glass, chemical imbalance, etc.) We always tell ourselves that we will go out and check to make sure it is open before we get ready, but then we just forget!
So, we decided to go geocaching! (If you do not know what geocaching is, go to ) We try to go to parks or trails that we know will be stroller and wheelchair friendly. So we chose a park that we thought was fairly accesible. Boy were we wrong! We had to follow a short trail that was scattered with large rocks! You can just imagine us pushing Jordyn in her wheelchair and her little head bouncing around as we manuevered around the rocks. I hope she didn't get whiplash and I hope we didn't damage her wheelchair too much! And little Evan seemed to like the bumpy ride in the stroller. Needless to say, we made it and found the cache!
This was a great cache to find. It was in a really cool container (see pic.) and had really cool stuff in it. We picked out a handmade glass ladybug bead for Jordyn... it is on her knee in the picture.
We also decided that we want to make our own "cache" in the near future. There are actually "handi-caches" (handicap accesible caches). There are a few in the Spokane area and we've found one of them so far. So, we decided we will start making "handi-caches"! Then maybe others will make them too and it will be easier for us to take Jordyn along! Posted by Picasa

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Topher said...

Two things:
1. when you say "chemical imbalance" is that in the pool or on the part of the maintenance people? The reason I ask is that we lived in a 2 bed apartment that had a pool, and "Crazy Barry" was the mainenance guy who also took care of the pool. Talk about chemical imbalance...yikes!
2. Tom, what's up with the top of your head? It looks like mine does on the crown when the light hits it just right...bare. Getting older sucks.

Jenny said...

I miss Jordyn! She is so cute! (Evan is very cute too)

Tom said...

Hey, that is bad I hadn't seen that pic yet, I didn't approve of it before Emily posted it to the WORLD WIDE WEB, but there is hair there you just have to look more closely.

Tom said...

I'll make sure to wear a hat next time!