Sunday, August 23, 2009


Tom and I are not very spontaneous people... at least since we've had kids that is! But last Friday, Tom was home for lunch and we decided we were going to drive to Rapid City, SD and spend the night and just have fun! So, I had the afternoon to book a hotel and pack our stuff by the time Tom got home from work. Rapid City is only two hours away from us and it's where everyone in Gillette goes to shop and do fun things. It's also only 30 min. from Mt. Rushmore and has tons of touristy things to do!

We got to the hotel and the boys probably could have just played there the whole time. We hardly ever stay in hotels, so they thought it was awesome! We were just walking to our room and Evan kept saying,"I'm so excited!"

The next morning our first stop was glow in the dark miniature golf! I love a good game of miniature golf... it was fun! We did have to chase the kids around to keep them from interrupting other people games... but we managed alright. Oh, I forgot to mention that Tom's sister, Linda, and her husband, Travis, came to Rapid City for the weekend too, so we met up with them for most of Saturday. Photo below is Travis and Clay posing during the golf game with Homer.

Next stop.... go carts! Carter drove we with me in my car and it was hilarious! He just held onto my arm and had this blank stare on his face the whole time. I think he was a little scared, but when we had to stop he started crying! Photo below is Linda and Clay taking off.

Third stop was Reptile Gardens! Very cool place! The photo is me, Jordyn, and Carter in the "rainforest" where the cool birds are. We don't look excited, but we were :)

Probably my favorite picture of the whole trip...LOVE Evan's expression!

ALL of our kids even touched a real snake.... like it was nothing! Jordyn even felt it! Yuck...snakes give me the CREEPS! Below you can see a snake in the left of the photo... can't see much of him but he was HUGE.

Evan and Cole posing for the "tourist" picture!

Loved the turtles. I think this one was around 130 years old.

Travis in the gift shop.... yep, he's the only one who will actually pose for my pictures! We had a great time .... a fun weekend with no worries! We even made a stop for shopping at Target and Scheels and dinner at Olive Garden....all in 24 hours! We'll be headed back soon, there's still tons we want to do there!

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Holly said...

Sometimes spontaneous trips like that are even more fun than well planned ones. Makes me want to go on one.

DNAWILD said...

We were at Reptile Gardens on Saturday! Next time you guys come give us a call, we'd love to see you and go adventuring, there really is a ton to do here, glad you had a good time!

Jacque said...

I'm glad you got a little getaway! It really does take some effort to just put aside all housework and to do lists and just go. (I secretly get really excited staying in hotels too!)