Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Fun!

We don't really have any big plans this summer. We've decided to save as much money as we can to get a ton of work done on our yard. We'll be missing my family reunion, over the 4th of July, in CA.... please don't talk to me about it or I might start crying!!! Ok, regaining my composure....
So, we might be taking lots of short trips to Billings and Buffalo to see our families. We went to Billings a few weeks ago. Jordyn had a regular check up with her GI doctor. Nothing new, we just changed a few medications (no improvements so far) and are waiting for Denver to call us back.
Then over Father's Day weekend we went to Buffalo. Tom was hired to wash the windows at the ranch (the lodge has LARGE windows) once a month, so we headed out there to play... while he worked! Nah, it only takes him two hours.

So enjoy the photos from our recent weekend excursions!

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One mom said...

Your kids are getting so big - funny how that happens over time. Now that I am home all day with Courtney, I am learning that you have to be really creative to make your own fun but not spend any money. If you get any ideas, let me know!

The Wynia Family said...

Short trips are always easier when there are kiddos involved! Let me know when you are in Billings again. We seem to find ourselves at a wadeing pool or spray park every day!

CB said...

You will have a great summer with your cute family!
I too remember those summers and winters and springs and falls (ha ha) where we had to save money and get creative. Those are some of the best memories!!

The Shep's Herd said...

Love the pictures. The old truck is the best. Sorry about your plans not working but thats just for this year not forever. It looks like you guys could have fun at whatever your doing. Enjoy your summer it will be great...come what may!!

Sarah and Cory Smith said...

Unfortunately, The Mormon Mom site did not take off the way I had hoped it would. I think that I am going to take the site down since I don't have the time to devote to keeping it up. I just thought I would let you know since you have a button on your blog. I really appreciate you being willing to help me out. Take Care.