Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I have a weight problem...

Not me....MY KIDS! For a while now the kids have been inching closer and closer to ALL weighing the same. You heard me right...our three kids, ages SIX, THREE, and EIGHTEEN MONTHS weigh almost the SAME! hahaha I can't believe it! I thought about waiting to see if we could get the scale to say the exact same weight for all of them, but I couldn't wait any longer to blog about it. Not sure if that will ever happen, but I'll let ya know if it does!

Here are their stats: Jordyn 6 yrs. old - 32 lbs.

Evan 3 yrs. old- 33 lbs.

Carter 18 mo. - 30 lbs.

So, Jordyn is WAY under weight because of her reflux condition (eosinophilic esophogitis). We are actually working on setting up appointments to take Jordyn to Denver to see a specialist for her condition. They put on a clinic for her exact condition and you see a GI doctor, allergist, nutritionist, and a few other doctors all at once. Right now they are evaluating her records to see what they want to do for testing, etc. It might be a few more months before we get to go. We are hoping they can at least help us find something to IMPROVE the throwing up. They have not found a cure for this disease yet, so it's basically trying to find a treatment that works the best. I feel like we have tried everything in the past year(besides a feeding tube - I pray we never have to go there) and nothing has helped.

Evan. Can't say much about him...I think he's pretty average for his age.

Now Carter.....oh boy! I have never seen an 18mo. old so OBSESSED with food! He is hilarious! People will pick him up and say,"WOAH! He is HEAVY!" The last week, Tom and I have been talking about being a little more strict with his diet!

mmmmmm, good food
Jordyn's pigtails are BACK! After going through a rough patch of behavior problems and pulling a ton of hair out....it finally grew back! Love the pigtails!

Carter checking out Jordyn's belly button. He will randomly walk up and kiss or tickle Jordyn now. It's cute.

My new helper. I love how he opens his mouth when Jordyn is supposed to open hers!

Woah... big bite!

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momma k said...

Jordyn looks like she likes her new feeding partner. And the picture of Carter eating says it all! Can't wait to see them all this weekend--oh, you and Tom too!

Jenny said...

That picture of Carter is hilarious! He is looking kinda tubby. :) But every kid that age get chubby from all the good table food!! I can't believe Jordyn only weighs that much. Her hair looks so cute!!

The Shep's Herd said...

At least they are all consistant. LOL. What cute pics.

Collett Family said...

That is so funny. I bet it is great that your other kids are getting old enough to help with Jordyn. Her hair is darling in pigtails. Let us know what happens after you get to see the doctors in Denver.

Sarah Smith said...

That is too funny. I am sure it will all even out in the end. Let us know if they ever get exactly the same.l

The Wynia Family said...

I love that Ethan is helping Jordyn, that is so adorable! My Ethan is a little younger that Jordyn and doesn't weight too much more than her and he doesn't have a disorder, just the "I never want to eat" disorder. I hope that they can help Jordyn down in denver.

KK said...

Hey Emily!

Guess who yea I finally figured this out lol anyways....dont forget to tell everyone about your RAISE!!! Yea and Emily's the best lil worker and great attitude, fun, I am very very blessed to have her on my CREW!!! love ya sis!