Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Furious!

I really need to vent. Jordyn receives a small (but helpful!) disability payment every month. And every year we have to do a review over the phone. That's perfectly fine. They just update our info and ask me lots of questions about our assets, income, monthly payments etc. That's fine too. At the end of our conversation the lady tells me that she needs to see two years of bank statements for every checking/savings account we have. Huh? OK... Luckily we don't have many accounts!

I found 18mo. of statements I'm low on computer paper and ink! So I still needed 6 mo. of statements. Called my bank and was told it would be $6.00 PER STATEMENT. That is over $70!!! I called the lady who did our review and told her that. Her response,"Well, I have to have them." So I went to my local bank thinking that there was NO way they would actually charge me that much. Maybe they would help me out and charge me $12.00 or something? NOPE. They actually charged me $72.00!!!!! I tried to protest, but they weren't helpful. I left so furious I thought I was going to explode!!! How can five minutes of their time and a little paper and ink cost them $72.00? CRAZY. (It didn't help that my kids were HORRIBLE the whole time!)

After I left, I kept thinking..."NO, I am NOT paying this. Someone is going to reimburse me!" So, after wondering who to lodge a complaint with (the bank or the person requesting the statements)... I decided on the bank. I figured they are much more likely to take that ugly charge off my account if I complain. I already e-mailed them and it said I would receive a call within 24 hours. Can't wait to see what happens! What do you think? Am I crazy for throwing a fit or am I right in thinking that charge was crazy??

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Sarah Smith said...

That is ridiculous. I am so sorry. I hate it when you feel like you are getting taken advantage of. What a pain!!

Collett Family said...

One thing I have learned in dealing with these types of institutions: if you don't stand up for yourself, no one else will. $72 goes a long way in groceries or gas these days. Just remember that a person made the policy, therefore, a person should be able to change the policy. Let's hope that the person with whom you speak with actually remembers to have a heart! Good luck!

Gina said...

Threatening to leave the bank might make them think twice, if they care about keeping their customers. If you could just go to a different bank with no expense to you, why wouldn't you? You could tell them that. Good luck.