Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bank Update

Well, bad news. I don't think I'm getting my money back. The bank wrote me back and said they recommend that customers print or save a copy of their statements they receive online to avoid having to order them. They charge because they've already provided you with one copy online or by mail. I guess it would makes sense to save them on your computer and then you could print what you needed in the future.

I seriously contemplated going into the bank and threatening to leave the bank, but then I decided I was WAY too lazy to ACTUALLY do that! I just can't bring myself to deal with the hassles of switching.

I highly doubt the people requesting these statements would do anything if I complained to them. They are in fact giving us money for Jordyn! Now that I look back, I should have done things differently. But you never think of those things until AFTER the experience. I guess I definitely learned from this, didn't I?

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Collett Family said...

We live and we learn - I guess that is just life.I am sorry they didn't refund you.

Pop said...

I can understand them charging for the statements, but they charge so much. Even if you consider the minimal cost of paper and also allow for staff time, they charge you something like $400 an hour for the service. I checked our banks and the fees are about the same. It must be standard operating procedure. Woops, I'm probably getting you riled up again.

Maria H. Andersen said...

It would be one thing if the bank did actually email you your statements, but they usually don't - they just send you a reminder to go log in (remembering your username and password - ha ha) and you get the privilege of printing your own statements. The real irony is that some companies now charge for the "convenience" of paying for things online (like my mortgage company) and some charge if you "inconvenience" them by paying with a paper check. I suspect that many are actually charging for both.

One of my cards was compromised last month some yahoo at the credit card company, and I had to change all my billpay settings at various companies (because if you accidentally put through a bill on a canceled card, it is considered a bounce = $39). Two hours later, I was wondering when I get to charge one of these financial institutions for MY time when they screw up?

Cindy said...

Sucks about the whole bank thing. I just had something happen to me when I took my car in to get my keyless entry fixed. They couldn't figure out the problem and didn't fix a darn thing, but still charged me. I flipped out and all they said was well we have to pay our guys something even if they can't fix the problem. Anyway, the kids sure are getting big and so very cute. I love Carter's age. They are so cute

Shannon said...

Oh man, my first boss would ALWAYS make me call and refuse charges. 99% of the time we always got our money back... becuase in the end the customer is always right ;)
Did you talk to a manager? Did you tell them you would consider switching banks? Did you tell them why you needed to pull the statements? There are many angles you can take. In the end, if you still don't get the money you can always think of how much money you save on everything else!! Sometimes the world has a way of balancing your finances out...save a little get charged a little.
Anyway, I hope everything works out. If you need me to call I will! hahaa.

Cherie said...

Would it have been possible to have them re-send you the statements on line and then you just print them out yourself?