Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We have a home!

I decided that I can FINALLY post about finding a home. We've actually known about it for quite some time now, but I wanted to make sure it was REALLY going to happen before I posted. Now that we have the closing scheduled, I figured it was pretty solid.

We bought a manufactured home that is simple and cute. After realizing that renting was not an option (the cheapest we could find was $1400 and it was either a complete junker or a 2 bedroom apartment), we met with a realtor and started looking at homes. Well, we only needed one day to look because there were really only three houses in our price range to choose from! One was a HORRIBLE and unlivable foreclosure. I felt like I was on one of those cable TV shows where the realtor shows a disgusting house and tries to make it seem wonderful! It was bad. Our second option was a really nice newly built home. The price was a little more than we would have liked, but it seemed really great. However, it was extremely close to a train track! We were touring the house and a train went by blowing it's horn and literally shaking the house. I almost burst out laughing as the realtor is continuing to talk over the sound of the train as if nothing was happening! Then two more trains went by during the time we were there! We're still laughing about that. Our third option was a new manufactured home. We had looked at several before (there are a lot in the area) and weren't sure if we wanted to go in that direction. But we went to a new company and looked at their homes. We were pleasantly surprised that we liked them and decided this was basically our only went with it!

We hadn't even wanted to buy a home to begin with because we didn't feel financially ready. But, we got a great deal on our loan because we are first-time home buyers. A house like ours would probably rent for $1500-$1800 a month. Buying was a much better option. Gillette has a really complicated housing situation!

I don't even know where to start with what happened after that. It has been the longest and most stressful process of my life! We signed a contract right before Thanksgiving and were told it could be ready by Dec. 5. We were so excited! Now we realize we NEVER should have believed that...what were we thinking!? It was fantastic weather when we signed the contract, but no work got done on the house. (The actual house was already in Gillette, they just have to move it to our lot and set it up) Then they told us it could be done before Christmas. BUT, we had those frigid frigid temps. and of course very little got done. Then we started wondering....should we just back out of this deal? But what else can we do? We couldn't think of anything. And we thought we were already far enough into it that we might as well wait it out.

I started calling them about every other day asking what they were doing and when they would be done. Tom even called and chewed them out too. Of course they made it sound like things were moving along GREAT...then we'd drive by and not much would be done. GRRR we were so frustrated. I told Tom,"I am NEVER EVER in a million years, going to build a home!" I guess we know what all the frustration with contractors is all about now. We aren't even building an entire home and we were stressed beyond belief. I guess if you have LOTS of time to wait for a house to be done, then you might be ok.

Anyways, that is the short version of what happened. Finally things have been wrapping up this week. We've scheduled the closing for next Wednesday. I can't wait to get in our house and just put all of this behind us and MOVE ON with our lives. Not to mention we've been living with Tom's sister and my parents for nearly 5 months now. It makes me sick thinking about the burden we've been on them for 5 months of their lives. I don't even know how to thank them or show them how much we appreciate their generosity. I feel like we owe them so much for what they have done for us! So, THANKS GUYS!!! I know we'll be thanking them a lot for weeks to come.

Wish us luck on the move!

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Pop said...

Yes, like it's been a real burden to have a daughter and three grandkids (and occasionally a son-in-law) stay with us while they waited to get into their neat house. When they have left to go to Wyoming for awhile, we have been lonely.

After Carter leaves we won't know how to dispense a regular roll of toilet tissue (he spins them so all the tissues falls on the floor). And Rex won't have buddies to chase him all over the house and try to roll on top of him -- and he won't have his buddies to follow all around trying to steal treats from their hands (he's very good at it). No, these months have been lively in our household and we've loved it. But we're glad now you can get into your place and get on with a "normal" life, if there is such a thing.

Deanna said...

I remember well the feelings you had about buying a home. Unbelievable stress!! Mike and I swear we are never moving again. I remember being in the closing mtg for selling our condo and finding out how much the realtor was making and how much we weren't going to be taking home. I started crying and was tempeted to back out then. Things people never tell you.

DNAWILD said...

Congrats! That is very exciting, I am curious as to what part of town it is in? And what ward you are in or will be in? I hope things go well at the closing, it can be stressful, but at the same time it is usually so worth it in the end, hang in there.And good luck with the move (that is the hardest part, for me anyways)

Topher said...

Yippeee! We can't wait to come visit the next time we head Northward.

Wendy said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting. If it makes you feel any better we lived with my kind sister and her husband for 10 months before we found our house. I know what you mean - you feel verrrryyy indebted to such kind souls. I'm sure it'll feel so great to feel settled in your own place.

Cherie said...

That is SO EXCITING for you guys!

It IS stressful to buy your first home - just the paperwork alone not to mention the problems you have encountered but it will be a joyous occasion when the key is handed to you and you move it.

I am sure you can't wait!

You'll have to post pictures after you move in.

BTW the train story was hilarious! We had friends a long time ago that bought a house near a train track and it just shook the whole house. Crazy.

Jamie said...

Congratulations! That is such exciting news! We are very happy for you guys. Hopefully we'll be able to do the same thing (minus unnecessary stress) soon!

Linda said...

I know you feel bad about staying with us, but as your dad stated it has brought us joy to have your 3 precious kids be such a close part of our lives i'm thankful that my boys and Evan have gotten close and we love the idea that you will all be living in the same town. It will be fun to have the kids grow up together for a few years anyway. Anyways we love you all and are happy for you.

The Shep's Herd said...

Congrats!! I am so happy for you guys. Having your own home is the best. Make all the noise you want, paint the walls and just be. Its the best.

Shannon said...

CONGRATS!!! I can't believe you are a home owner now!!! We are getting so old!