Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lots of SNOW! (and other photos)

I definitely did not plan for snow when I was packing our stuff! We got a ton of snow in Gillette the past couple of days. It sounds like Montana and Wyoming or getting hit the hardest!

Looking out the back door onto the deck.

BBQ grill & deck.

This was a week or two ago...when it was still warm out! Evan, Clay, and Cole on the trampoline. We've all been getting a kick out of how Evan has to do everything that Clay and Cole do. He really wants to be a big kid just like his cousins!

Jumping on the trampoline...karaoke style!

Clay showing off his moves.

This was taken at the zoo in Montana when we were staying with my mom and dad. We got a great show from a few of the animals. We got to see the tiger, red panda, and bear really up close.... which is pretty rare at a zoo! The bear actually walked up to the window, stood up on it's hind legs and put his paws on the window we were standing was awesome! Sadly, no one got any photos of it. My dad did get some video of the bear playing in his pond...I'll have to post it later.

Bye for now!

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Holly said...

Holy cow, look at that snow!! Wow.
cool tiger picture.

The Breckons said...

I was thinking of you guys when I saw the weather! We have also been loading up on coats, hats, etc. They all seem to be in storage! Good luck with the house hunting! So glad Tom found a job ... what is he doing and does he like it?

CB said...

HOly Smokes Emily! We got our earliest snowfall here ever and it was just a little bit - and we were so excited.
What you have...THAT is SNOW baby! WOW! That is a lot of snow for fall.

Jenny Moore said...

That is an amazing amount of snow!! Is it all gone now?