Sunday, July 27, 2008

Photos & Crawling

Here are some random photos from the past few weeks. First photo is Evan and I after jogging around to garage sales. I think we've gone about four times now. It's much more exciting to run to garage sales because then you know you have something to look forward to!

Carter swinging for the first time.

Carter is getting quite mobile and I often find him "stuck" in the corner with all the toys. He's probably mad that I took a picture first before helping him!

In other news, Jordyn's GI doc. suggested we try eliminating certain foods from her diet to see if we can stop her spitting up all the time. She may be allergic to one of them, but it's not showing up on the actual allergy test. First we have to stop milk for two weeks. It's been a week already and we haven't noticed a change. I never realized how many things she eats have milk in them!

We are also changing one of Jordyn's seizure medications to see if we can stop the small seizures she was having during her sleep. The transition off the old meds. and onto the new meds. take a few weeks also. She's only had a few minor side effects during the transition. For one day (last Sun.) she had about 5 tantrums during the day that were a side effect of the meds. These were crazy screaming bloody murder tantrums that she would have really suddenly. One was during sacrament meeting WHILE they were passing the sacrament and just happened to be right WHILE they were passing the sacrament to us! Talk about bad timing. But, she seems to be transitioning ok now!

I saved the best for last. It's video of Carter crawling for the first time today! He's been scooting like a little inch worm for a few months and it's like he just suddenly figured out how to crawl. And he's exactly seven months old. He's growing up too fast!

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The Breckons said...

I can't believe Carter is CRAWLING! It seems like you just had him! You're right - time FLIES. I love the pics you take - they are great! Everytime I look at your blog Emma sees pictures of Jordyn and talks about her "fwend" and how she misses her! We hope you guys are doing well!

Cherie said...

I love the pictures. That little Carter is such a cutie and the video is great. How neat to capture those early milestones and all the little noises that he makes too:))

Holly said...

Emily, you're so beautiful! Some girls are cute, some pretty, some beautiful. You're beautiful. I just had to say that.

The Shep's Herd said...

Wow!!! Now the adventure really begins. Crawling is so much fun for the kids but now the chase is on,for you parents. LOL!!!

The Brownies said...

Hey Bybee's! Its the browns, your is crawling, Harper started crawling about 2 weeks ago, and now he is stadning in the crib! your's are dolls!!