Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Here goes nothing! I wasn't going to post this, but Tom talked me into it. Maybe it will get all those "lurkers" to leave a comment! And I hope others put it on their blog so I can leave a memory about them. It's pretty fun to read all the memories people write on somone's blog.

Here are the directions:

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a lot or a little, anything you remember.

2. Next, repost these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.

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Shannon said...

For some reason you and I driving to Malt in your parents van lisening to the alanis morrisette song from the meg ryan/nicholas cage movie as well as cake pops into my head first! hahaha. I think second would be eating the mac and cheese with REAL CHEESE and waiting for the AOL "you've got mail" sound to chime in. Third would be us making grilled cheese and someone seeing a rat and me thinking there were spiders jumping on me. Fourth would be making our pelicula and trying to master the treadmil fall sequence. hahaha. I could go on and on and on. Fun times!! Miss you!!

Tom said...

I have too many to list, but a couple I remember were our first couple "dates": First the night we went to Outback then to the Diamond Rio concert.

Then even more vivid is my memory of when I took you out to the ranch the first time. We had so much fun riding four wheelers (getting manure on your pants...opps), hiking to the waterfall, looking at the stars out on the dock, fishing, and of course the infamous horseback ride(that pretty much in a way started our whole official courtship) where you rode up next to my horse told me to stop, kissed me and rode off leaving me stunned wondering what just happened.

Oh and then when we went to Dos Machos mexican resturaunt in our wedding attire, right after we got married and before the reception. Remember I spilled my 7up and we were lucky enough that it didn't get on your wedding dress or my tux. Everyone was looking at us like we were crazy...which we were and still are...for eachother that is! Haha I had to throw that in. I can just see everyone that just read that gagging themselves because of the mushiness.

To good memories past, present, and future.

momma k said...

Yes, I too remember when you two went to Dos Machos, but what all of us were asking was, "where in the heck are Emily and Tom?" as we were working so hard getting ready for the reception.

I remember Emily's deep growling sound when she was a tiny baby during church--it was very strange. She also looked so adorable in this eyelet white bonnet she had. She was the best dressed baby as our rich neighbors gave us a large garbage bag of beautiful clothes that had probably only been worn once.

One winter she once went down the slippery slide head first and cut her chin wide open, needing stitches.

Holly said...

Emily, I'll always remember you as the one I ran my first race with! I had a great time that day, minus the part when we almost got hit by a car.
Also, back in Spokane when I was a primary teacher and you were the secretary. I was just put in and didn't even know you, but one girl in my class was insistent that you and I were best friends. Anytime you walked by she would practically shout, "Teacher, there's your best friend!!". I tried to play it cool, but everytime she did that I just cringed because I was sure you thought I was some crazy best-friend wanna-be.

And one last memory is when Katie and I started the babysitting co-op. We were trying to form the "members" and were in deep thought of who we should ask to be apart of it. We both repeatedly kept thinking of you and Tom. I'm glad we went with that feeling because having Jordyn apart of the little friday night kid group was the best thing ever. She is such a special person and it was so neat to see how all the kids grew to be so protective of her and love her. Well...I guess that last memory is more about Jordyn than you. Sorry:)

Jeni said...

Oh man, where do I start! I have 21 years of memories to think of :) How about meeting in Mrs. Bauer's 1st grade class, good ol Miles Avenue,running away from Mark after school, riding our bikes to IGA and getting a doughnut and snickers and then riding to Gorham Park to eat them, checking the class list each fall to see if we were in the same class,cake walks at the school carnival,and remember the book thing we did each year where we would write our own book and take it to that convention thing at MSU-B..what was it called again? Let's see-- here we go-- Rose Park swimming pool every afternoon and then riding home in the scorching heat to eat tuna with LOTS of real mayo!, writing out our "life plans" (whatever happened to us living next to eachother and married to twin brothers??),Watching Rescue 911 on Tuesday nights, begging our parents to let us "sleep over" everynight in the summer time, me falling off my bike ALL the time and you laughing ALL the time (what are friends for right?:), me spraining my wrist and throwing up on you know who's driveway, us telling stories involving butter and tables to Melanie, playing "college" and talking to our "boyfriends" in our "dorm room" when we were like 10, our dolls named Sam and Samantha, the copycat sticker, good ol Lewis and Clark, wearing BIG glassess, my poofy hair, stealing your sisters' clothes, David pulling you off your bike and gashing your knee, good ol West High, The Standard's/Lonestart concert, cruising 24th, Central HS boys and then some boyfriends we ought not to mention!, highschool dances, your church dances, a trip to the hotsprings with Bobbie and our Henry Winehardt's Rootbeer, me waking up to you guys laughing hysterically at the mystery man in the truck, the Rocky boys, working at Maxine's, me leaving for Washington, then me meeting Jeff and you meeting Tom. Then comes weddings and babies...and that is only a couple of the memories!!

Pop said...

What came to my mind was your affinity for stuffed animals. Your very favorites were Perdita and Pongo from "101 Dalmations." Also remember you wanting a real dog so bad for so long. And then I remember bringing "real" Rex home from the Pennington's house, you sitting in the back seat with this little fluff ball beside you. You were, of course, going to always be responsible for his care and keeping. And here we are 16 years later running a dog nursing home for Rex!

Cherie said...

What a fun blog idea! Just makes me wish I had known you longer.

LOVE LOVE LOVE you husbands memories - so romanic and sweet!

Since I am just really getting to know you now that we are VT partners:) I will go with the first time I saw your cute little family.
It was at our ward campout last year. It was at Sagehen which is a beautiful place but not many amenities and here you and Tom show up with Jordyn in her chair, Evan at an age when dirt is all the rage and he was running all over and you were pregnant! Wow! I just remember thinking that you were the cutest family but maybe a little insane...definately troopers!

Josh and Kim said...

Ok, I wasn't going to comment, but couldn't get this memory out of my head. Of course it is you me and Ashley getting lost at girls camp, WAIT, we weren't lost! The hike that was only suppossed to be a couple of miles and then a couple of hours later relizing, "where the heck are is everyone." All of those first years following us, their faithful junior leaders into nowhere. How about hearing that bear and running back down the hillside, having to drink out of the stream, everyone worrying about us and almost calling the forest service to come and look for us. But hey, we weren't lost, we were still on the path.

Susan said...

My memories with you fall into a couple of VERY different categories. In the 80s when we lived in Pasco, I remember sharing a very small room with you and Jenny. You were 4 or 5 and still slept in a crib! Then when I was a teenager, your job was to annoy me. You and Jeni would always bug me and my friends to no end (and you'd steal my clothes too!) Oh, and we can't forget those GLASSES! Then I remember YOU as a teenager -you were boy crazy and did crazy things. Then I remember meeting Tom for the first time at our family reunion in Utah and getting you guys good. Then when you moved to Spokane - our family game nights playing Settlers were so fun. And I'll never forget our early morning runs. I really miss having you for my running partner!
Remember when we went to that race and some lady thought I was your mother? (NOT FUNNY!)

Emily said...

When I decided to do this post,I told Tom that I knew SOMEONE would write about 1.My big glasses 2. my old boyfriends! hahahaha I loved all the memories. I knew it would get Shannon and Jeni to finally post a comment! I had to comment about a few of them:

Tom: Riding horses on the ranch and then kissing you really was like a scene out of a movie! Greatest memory ever! And cow manure didn't just get on my jeans...it shot UP inside the leg of bootcut jeans...totally gross.

Mom: I do still feel guilty for making everyone wonder where we were and not helping set up the reception!

Jeni: WAY too many memories to even comment about! So many GREAT GREAT memories... I think about them all the time when I need a good laugh.

Kim: I know, we totally weren't lost...what was everyone freaking out about?:)

Jeni said...

Emily I forgot about Pongo and Perdita!!! I think I had Pongo and you had Perdita right? I can't believe Rex is 16! Remember how scared my sis was of him at first?

Topher said...

Chris: Hey Jenny, have you seen our big wooden spoon?

Jenny: It's in that jar on the counter. Why?

Chris: Because I just read Tom and Emily's first kiss story and I need it to gag myself.

Just kidding. That beat's our first kiss story, so good for you all.

Let's see, I remember my first memories of Emily. Your parents sent you to Kansas to check me out, I mean to visit your sister Jenny who happened to be dating me, a guy your parents had never met. And then you two broke into my apartment and put plastic cockroaches in the egg cartons in my fridge and under the covers of my bed. Nice.

The Shep's Herd said...

Yes I'm a lurker.
When I think of you the memory that comes to me is this last fall when we went with Jordyn and Andrew's preschool class to the pumpkin patch. It was such a beautifual day and the kids were having such a good time. I just remember how wonderful you were with your kids,you had your hands full but you were so full of patience. Your such a great mother!!

Andrea (Andy) said...

The first time I was introduced to Jordyn and you I was imediatly attached. You had a huge smile on your face and Jordyn was giggling when I touched her knee. Being with Jordyn and you through the year and few months has taught me how precious life is and how the little things matter the most! I am surly thinking of you all and missing you even more!