Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Field Trip and Carter Video

Yesterday we joined Jordyn's class on a field trip to the Zoo. It was great weather (around 70 degrees - oh, we also had a record high of 80 on Sunday!) and we had lots of fun.

This is photo of Jordyn and Miss Andy, one of the teacher's aide. We have been so fortunate to have her in Jordyn's class. She works one on one with Jordyn and has really bonded with her. She even chose to move up with Jordyn to Kindergarten! I can just tell that she loves Jordyn so much and really loves working with her. The thing around Jordyn's neck is a checklist for finding the animals. They put a sticker of the picture of the animal when they see it.

Carter enjoying the Zoo.

Evan checking out the birds.

I had to include this photo because the whole time we were walking around we kept trying to get Jordyn to look UP at the animals that were climbing around or up high in their cages. Of course she never would and would sometimes look the opposite direction of the animals. So, I got this photo and was so happy! She was looking UP at some monkeys!

So, I guess this video is mainly for Grandpa & Grandma and Ninny & Pa. I know most of you don't need to see every little developmental milestone that Carter meets, but I can't help but be so excited. He seems to be doing some things early, so we are loving that. Obviously Jordyn missed out on doing a lot of things and Evan was always a few months behind other kids! Carter was getting pretty close to rolling over (from back to stomach) and one day he suddenly did it. Now that is all he wants to do when you lay him on the floor. I LOVE the little squeel he gives out at the end of the video... it's like he's saying,"Yay, that was fun!"

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