Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feel Better Jorydn!

Jordyn spent the morning at the hospital having an endoscopy. I think I've mentioned before that she has some really bad reflux. A few months ago they did some blood tests and started her on a medication. The tests were normal and the meds. didn't really help. So, the doc. wanted to do a endoscopy (they look in your throat, stomach and intestines with a small camera) to see if anything was wrong. Jordyn did great for the procedure and is actually acting pretty normal now! The doc. said her esophagus is damaged (no surprise there - it can be healed with meds) but everything else looked good. He took biopsies from the different areas he looked at and we'll get the results next week. You don't really want anything to be wrong, but at the same time you hope they find something so we can solve the reflux problem. I just really want to find out WHY she has such bad reflux that only started 3-4 months ago. Jordyn gets to relax the rest of the day and be pampered for having to go through something so terrible! Feel better Jordyn!
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Pop said...

Jordyn is a real trooper. Bless her heart! Her parents are too. Bless their hearts!

Holly said...

You're so brave Jordyn! I hope you feel better soon.