Friday, February 22, 2008

I've been dreading the day when this would happen. Evan figured out how to open doors by himself! I thought he was watching cartoons while I was in the bathroom getting ready, but I came out to the kitchen to find him in the pantry. I don't know what inspired him to go open the door to the pantry. And of course kids always seem to go straight for the flour. Luckily I caught him before he made a really huge mess! Last week he got into the potato flakes and dumped those all over the floor. I think I'll need to rearrange the pantry today! We'll see how long it takes him to reach and figure out the deadbolts on the front door and door to the garage! Isn't it so fun "kid proofing" your house at all their different stages?
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Holly said...

I love his expression. Pure innocence.

Pop said...

At least he hasn't found the paint!

Jenny said...

Wahahaha!! Don't you just love little boys?