Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy 29th Birthday!

Today is Tom's 29th birthday! We decided to celebrate last night and go out to eat. We had originally planned to go to Texas Roadhouse, but when we got there, at 5:30, it was already an HOUR wait! So, we went to Applebee's instead. We always get the spinach artichoke dip... it's so good! So, we had great food and the kids were all really well behaved to top it off. Tom requested I make German Chocolate Cake for his birthday dessert. We decided we didn't want to make an entire cake that we would have to eat ourselves, so after contemplating for awhile, we came up with German Chocolate Cookies. It was basically a Devil's Food Cake mix, made into cookies. And then German chocolate frosting sandwiched between two cookies. It worked out great and now we don't have an entire cake to polish off.

Every year, Tom informs me (in a teasing manner) that it is his "birthday weekend" so he gets to do whatever he wants and GETS whatever he wants. So, if the kids have a messy diaper.... "It's my birthday weekend." Or if I ask him to do some kind of chore, "It's my birthday weekend." Then, eventually it turns into...."It's my birthday WEEK, I get to do whatever I want" and THEN... "It's my birthday MONTH!" hahaha It's always funny because we both end up saying this every year around our birthdays! It's kind of a tradition now. I can't wait until my birthday month!

Happy Birthday Tom, we love you!

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Susan said...

Happy B-day Uncle Tom. Too bad we can't play a game of Settlers! We miss our game playing days.

Holly said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your last year of the 20's :(

Jenny said...

Just think, if you weren't married you would still be in the young single's ward. You're still a youngin' just like me! You can have your birthday month, but Emily should get the rest of the year because she's a mom!

Wendy said...

Happy birthday Tom! Yeh, enjoy the last year of your 20s. In all honesty, being the 32 year old that I am, the 30s aren't all that bad. And just a word of advice, use this year to brace yourself for the 30s and it makes your transition A LOT easier. :)