Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Yesterday we went on a field trip with Jordyn's preschool class to a pumkpin patch. Jordyn got to ride the school bus with her classmates and Evan and I met them there. They did a hay ride, picked pumpkins, walked through a maze, colored & ate snacks. By the time Jordyn got back to school, she was asleep in her wheelchair. It was a fun field trip except it was extremely windy and dirt was flying everywhere! We still had fun!

Below: Jordyn getting pushed through the maze by her teacher & her friend.
The little boy pushing her is also in our ward and is so sweet to Jordyn, as
are many of the kids in her class.

I LOVE this picture... it makes me laugh. Jordyn is taking her
coloring VERY seriously. She's probably thinking,"Leave me alone! I'm coloring!"
Also notice that she is holding onto the crayon all by herself!

Family photo. We are holding the pumpkin that Jordyn picked.
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Wendy said...

That looks like a fun trip to the pumpkin patch. Ethan went today with his preschool and I didn't get to go cause - well, he asked me not to. :(

P.S. Tell Tom that his dance lessons post has freezed my computer twice. So he should post another so we can comment on it. :)

The Bullocks said...

Your kids look so cute. I can't believe how big Evan is getting. I've got to take my kids somewhere fallish. Pregnancy is taking it's toll on me. I have been so lazy lately.
Sorry you had to miss out on running yourself into the ground and wanting to die of pain the next few days after. The things we do? that's cool your family got to run. and congrats on your pregnancy. it's so good to see how you guys are doing.