Sunday, October 07, 2007

It's Time / Menu Plan Monday

Conversation between Tom and I tonight:

Emily: Do you want to start eating healthy again?

Tom: Sure. Why, did you just weigh yourself?

Emily: No! I'm going to post on my blog that you said that.

Tom: You are?
(Note: I did not take offense to anything Tom said. If you understand his sense of humor, you will know that he was joking around & just teasing a fat pregnant lady)
Well, that was the most entertaining part of the conversation. We have decided to start eating healthy again. I blame all of our recent bad eating habits on my being pregnant. Now that I am feeling much better (in the area of morning sickness), I look at what we are eating and I feel like we are not eating so great and that I am gaining too much pregnancy weight. I had in my mind that I would eat what I wanted (but not eat extremely bad) and just start all over with eating well after the baby is born & when I get the ok to work out again. But, I started thinking today, that would be in 5 months! I can't wait that long. And neither can Tom. Both of us are always saying how gross we feel and how we think we are gaining too much weight. (It might be because we sat around the house all weekend and ate about a million graham cracker cookies!) We are going back to our rule of having one bad eating day a week. Our menu may not look too much different from before. Most of the changes will be in how we cook the food or changing/altering the ingredients to make it "lighter". We are going to cut out as much fat as we can (we will buy most everything non-fat or low-fat) & avoid greasy, processed, & non-whole wheat foods. Now if I can just get exercising a little, things will be even better!

Monday: Scrambled Eggs & Toast (I won't be able to go grocery shopping until Mon. night or Tues. afternoon, so we are eating what is left in the fridge!)

Tuesday: Spaghetti served with green salad.

Wednesday: Pork Chops w/ Dijon Sauce served with Scalloped Potatoes & Cottage Cheese

Thursday: Wild Rice Chicken Bake served with green beans

Friday: Lentil Soup served with home made bread.

Saturday: (bad eating day) Sour Cream Enchiladas (half pan) served with Spanish Rice

Sunday: Hamburgers served with Corn on the Cob

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Wendy said...

I had a wild hair to start eating really healthy a few weekends ago. It never happened. I do have to say that I was wanting to eat just pure fruits and veggies for a week which is quite extreme. Now I'm in a place where I'm trying to just be more health conscious (kind of).