Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pregnancy Update

1. Starting to feel MUCH better. No more puking and I only feel queezy every once in awhile.
2. Cravings: Fruit, fruit, and more fruit. Right now I love peaches the most. Also pretty big on apples, bananas, strawberries, grapes, watermelon, oranges, cantalope.... is there any fruit I'm not eating? I really hated turkey sandwiches for a few weeks (I think I ate too many of them for awhile), but now I am hooked on them again. I also love popsicles. Especially fudgsicles. Ok, I'll admit it, I like those ALL the time. However, I haven't found any brand that are even CLOSE to as good as Wilcoxson's Fudge Bars. All the other fudge bars out there are so small.
3. I had my first baby dream. I dreamt it was a girl. So now we can see if it really comes true. I could be having my ultrasound this month, but we have to wait until next month for our insurance to kick in. I can't believe I have to wait an extra month when I could know right now... so unfair.
4. Started to feel the baby kick a week or two ago. That is always one of the best parts of pregnancy!
5. And of course, I am getting fatter. I checked out a few pregnancy videos at the library. I have done one of the videos .... one time! I did go walking a few mornings too. Why is it so hard to work out when you are pregnant? I think I know the answer to this. I keep telling Tom, "Why should I exercise and eat healthy when I KNOW that I am going to get fat no matter what I do?" And then he always says,"But HOW fat do you want to get." (sigh) It's such a mind game. Some days I want to do so good and then other days I could care less. I guess I will just keep up what I am doing right now. I think I actually eat pretty healthy about 80% of the time and at least I have exercised a little (better than nothing, right?). Then the other 20% of the time I eat bad treats and love it. Tom is always complaining that he is getting fat too. And of course he blaims it on me because I am pregnant and pressure him into buying bad foods or going out to eat. So the other day, after whining for a long time about how fat he is getting, he steps on the scale, and much to his surprise... "Oh, I lost some weight!"

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Jenny said...

Don't give yourself such a hard time about eating treats. Enjoy it! Cravings mean your body needs it, right? We can't wait to find out what you are having as well!

Susan said...

HELLO... you are SUPPOSED to gain weight. You were so thin to begin with you have nothing to worry about! I'm sure you eat so good. Just think of all the women who eat 100% bad food while they are pregnant. I'm glad you are feeling better.