Monday, June 11, 2007

quick update

Well, the packing and moving process has begun. We will head out this Sunday morning and then unpack in Boise Monday morning. Then, Tom starts work on Tuesday! The time has flown by and now I think I am in panic mode because I have so much to do. We should have our living arrangements finalized by today or tomorrow. We kept going back and forth between a few places and I think we have finally decided on one. I will post pictures once we are 100% sure we've got it!
Yesterday was our last day at church and it was pretty strange saying goodbye to everyone. I am sure we will be back in Spokane sometime soon and go to our old ward and see everyone.
Tom was officially done with school this past Friday! We are having a BBQ this Friday night and then the ceremony is on Saturday. I will try and post pictures if our computer isn't packed! But, if not, pictures will have to wait until next week I suppose. I will send out our new address and phone numer as soon as I can too. Wish us luck!
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Jenny said...

Love the pics of Evan. Good luck!! Congrats to Tom and good luck with last minute packing. One door closes and another one opens up! How exciting.