Sunday, June 24, 2007

Adventure Island Playground!


We finally made it to the cool new park on Saturday. As I mentioned earlier, they were having a Resource Fair for families with special needs children. It was very cool and EXTREMELY helpful! I am so glad we went!

They had about 30 tables/booths with many different businesses promoting their services. Everything from all sorts of therapy, to gov. agencies, hospitals, rehab. services, adaptive epuipment companies, prosthetic/orthotic stores, developmental preschools....and much more. We went home with TONS of information and of course candy and little toys for the kids.

Jordyn's favorite booth was called "Dustin's Paw". It is explained as "integrating assistance dogs into learning experiences and therapy sessions". It was very interesting and sounds like something we will definately look into! They had a couple of dogs there and Jordyn held the leash and got to take one for a walk! We put her hand on the dog and she didn't even pull her hand away, which she usually does when feeling stuff!

We also started talking to the Park Director. She actually came up to us and was asking about Jordyn's diagnosis. I gave her a brief background of Jordyn. She said that her daughter has Rett Sydrome. Yes, the syndrome that EVERYONE thinks Jordyn has. The director said she had been watching Jordyn earlier and thought she was a Rett Sydrome girl! I just laughed to myself and told her all about Jordyn being tested etc. She said that her daughter had also been tested and had recieved all negative results! Her daughter had been clinically diagnosed at around age 4, now age 11. Wow.... I couldn't believe it! She also said they have a Rett Syndrome group of girls around town. I got her e-mail and will def. be making contact and asking more questions!

The kids had a GREAT time at the park, esp. Jordyn. It was the coolest park ever! You can see in the pictures that she could go almost anywhere all of the other kids could go! And of course she loved the swing too!

PS: Today was our first day in our new ward. So far, it seems like a pretty great ward. Everyone was really friendly and glad we were there. Jordyn even went to the sunbeam class! The Primary Pres. approached us, before church even started, to ask about Jordyn. (I'm so glad she came to us and was so helpful and interested in Jordyn!) I went to class with her today, but we will either just leave her with the two teachers or get someone just to assist her in class. We'll see! She seemed to really like it in class!

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Linda said...

Emily I am so happy for you, it sounds like a great opportunity to get to know people and find somebody who knows how it really is having a special needs child. It looks like a great park and Jordyn looks happy and content in all the pictures. It looks like Boise is treating you all really well so far, I hope it continues to be a great place to call home!!!

Jenny said...

Ditto to everything Linda said! Jordyn looks so happy in the photos! What a blessing to find a network of friends with similar challenges. And that park looks awesome!

Topher said...

holy cow! that's one big template change. grovy.