Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Random Things

I didn't have much to do today so I thought I would sit down and blog about what we've been up to lately.

  • Does anyone else feel like they are hardly ever really"busy"? (You are probabaly laughing and thinking,"Huh?") I guess it might only apply to stay-at-home moms or those who don't work.... otherwise you would be busy with work most of the time. I have had a very uneventful week and just haven't had much to do. Don't get me wrong, I do keep occupied with the kids and housework! It seems like every other mom I talk to is saying how "busy" and "crazy" their day/week was. And I am always thinking,"Hmmm, I haven't had one of those days in a long time." (But, I do have them occasionally!) Well, maybe that is a sign that I need to find more things to do! I find the hardest time is when the kids are asleep and I can't go anywhere. I hate to waste time with TV or taking a nap (if I don't really need one). I guess I usually get on the internet or clean something. Anyways, hope you don't think I'm a lazy bum now! I should find some sort of "project" to work on around the house... any ideas?
  • Tom and I were both really sick over the weekend.... at the exact same time with the exact same symptoms. We either got food poisoning or some stomach virus. (I'll spare you the details.) It was terrible because usually one of you is sick and the other takes care of the other one and the kids... but neither of us could do that! But, we are finally better now. Except, now Jordyn has it... or something similar. Luckily she didn't have it at the same time as us which would have been BAD. We were up last night at 3am cleaning up vomit! SO fun! But today she is doing better and hasn't gotten sick again.
  • Last night Tom and I went to a meeting for teachers and parents of special needs kids, age preschool to 21. I always get flyers for meetings, etc... but just have never gone. So I decided we were going to finally go to one! I am really glad we did. The school district put the meeting on and had a panel of parents who have special needs kids. They also had a special speaker, a girl from Spokane, named Logan Olsen, who started a magazine for disabled girls. Their story is amazing and her and her mom are very inspiring. Check out her story and website...
    The panel talked about everything from recreation, to guardianship, special needs services, school, play groups, and many other state or local programs. It was very interesting and I loved hearing the backgrounds of all of the families. I think most of all, it was extremely motivating! They talked over and over about being your child's advocate and never taking NO as an answer from anyone! I will definately be going to more meetings in the future!
  • This weekend Tom and I are watching "the kids". Our babysitting group is still holding on strong!
  • Susan and I have started training for our sprint triathlon. I think we have about 8 weeks left. This Saturday we are running the "Bloomsday Run" course for practice, before Susan runs that race in 2 weeks. I have never seen the course, but everyone talks about part of the course called"Doomsday Hill"..... can't wait to see how bad it is. We also found some cool triathlon classes at the YMCA. You pay $6 for each class and you do however many you want. Depending on the day, the coaches help you with swimming, biking, or running tips. So, we will probably attend a few of those classes before the race.

    So, that's my life for now!

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Pop said...

Sounds to me like you're VERY busy!

Jenny said...

Call me when you are bored. I'm probably "bored" too.

momma k said...

Maybe this is human nature, but when I am very busy with jobs or assignments, I can think of many things I want to do--if I had the time. When things ease up, most of those things lose their appeal.