Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lil' Rascal

Evan is turning into a little rascal! It's actually pretty funny. I absolutely love when Evan discovers something new... even something naughty. Because of Jordyn being developmentally delayed, Tom and I have a totally different perspective when Evan learns something new. I'm sure you can imagine how greatful we are that he is able to do even the smallest things. The milestones just seem to be even more incredible than normal. (And at the same time, it leaves a little ache in your heart because you are always wondering,"I wonder what Jordyn would look like doing that?" Or "I wonder what she would sound like.") I am also always in shock that he can figure certain things out! How do kids learn these things? And of course I want to brag to everyone, but I'm sure they don't think it's as exciting as I do! Anyway, I caught a few photos of Evan "learning" some new things:

Evan getting stuck under the kitchen chair. It took him
a little practice to finally figure out how to get out!

This was a bigger mess than Evan's 1st Birthday cake.
Can't wait for when he starts throwing food!

I was watching the kids one day (ok, and watching TV
at the same time) and it got really quiet. The kids were
hiding by the side of the couch and somehow got the lid off
the snacks and were shoveling them in their mouths as
fast as they could!

Evan literally licking his plate clean.

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momma k said...

Evan and Katherine look like partners in crime!

Pop said...

Evan's going to give you a run for your money.