Monday, November 20, 2006

Poor little Jordyn.

Jordyn has been having some very bad luck lately. Early last week we took her to get a blood draw so they can finally do the test for Rett Syndrome. It took FIVE phlebotomists to hold her down and get her blood. So sad! Needless to say, they finally got enough blood and Jordyn was extremely angry!
Jordyn has also been really irritable the past month (maybe from being poked by needles so much haha!) so I called her neurologist, at the end of the week, to see if her medication could be the problem (one of the side affects is irritability). They decided they wanted to have her blood taken to check her medication levels! Why, oh why, didn't I call them a few days earlier!? So, I got up early this morning and took her to get her blood taken again. This time, at a different lab, they couldn't EVER get her blood taken. They had two different phlebotomists try and they just could not find a good vein. This always happens when Jordyn gets her blood taken so we are getting used to it. So, Jordyn was really ticked and they couldn't poke her anymore, so we left. We are supposed to go back tomorrow or the next day so someone else can try again, but I am debating wether we should even go through with it. Her irritability seems to be slowly getting better.
THEN, after going to the lab, I took Jordyn to school. About halfway through her school day they called and said she had thrown up everywhere... including on one of the teacher's aides! I rushed over and picked her up from school. I felt so bad for everyone there who had to clean her up... not fun! I apoligized a million times to the lady who had the luxury of being barfed on! Hopefully Jordyn doesn't have the flu. I got Jordyn all cleaned up and she has been sleeping ever since. As you can see in the picture, Jordyn also has a strange rash below her mouth and on her cheek. We think it may be caused by saliva since she tends to have her fingers in her mouth and drools, etc. We keep putting creams on it, but nothing is helping. Poor little girl! She has had a rough time!

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Linda said...

Jordyn is such a little troper!!! Most adults haven't been through what that little girl has endured!! She is truly an inspiration to all of us. Everytime I think about her my heart just melts and she couldn't ask for better parents, you guys are doing a great job, I know it's gotta be SO hard to see your little baby go through all that and you guys are always so positive!!! Keep up the good work and keep your heads up!!! If there's ANYTHING you need from us let us know!! we look forward to seeing you guys at Christmas!!!