Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kids Galore!

Friday night was our turn to watch all of the kids in our babysitting co-op! We had all 7 kids (+ our 2) and it went great! They were pretty interested in playing with toys they don't usually have, so that kept them busy. Then we watched a video called "Let's Move". It is 30 min. of all kinds of games, dancing, and "moves" that the kids are supposed to copy. They do "head, shoulders, knees, and toes", lots of jumping (fast, slow, big, little), stretching and counting, and even yoga at the end. The kids REALLY liked it! We even helped Jordyn do it and she was smiling and laughing.
I just love how good the kids are with Jordyn. They like to ask a lot of questions about her, but also like to include her. We were having crackers and one of the girls said,"She didn't get one!" (pointing to Jordyn). I thought it was so cute. The kids (esp. the older girls) all love holding Evan too. One of the girls was having fun taking care of Evan, holding him, getting him toys, giving him a blanket, and even asking me over and over if she could feed him some food!
We are just loving this babysitting deal! And now that last night went so well, with all of the kids, we are even loving it more! (in the photo, we had all of the kids saying "Cheeeeese"!) Posted by Picasa

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momma k said...

I had my doubts about the co-op, but what a great thing for all involved. Even the night you are in charge sounds as if it is very entertaining.
Good going!

Jenny said...

This is too cute. You guys are brave. When you are watching all the kids you should tell Tom that you have to run to the store to get something and leave him all alone with all those crazy kids! Now that would be funny.