Friday, September 01, 2006

Pig out in the park!

Last night, we went to "Pig Out in the Park" in downtown Spokane. It's an annual event where a whole bunch of food vendors set up booths and sell every kind of food you can think of! This is our 3rd year going and we are always counting down the days until we get to go.
Last year I was pregnant with Evan and had extreme "morning sickness" (or I guess you could call it "all day sickness") and did not get to enjoy Pig Out in the Park. (It was also when my parents were visiting and we told them that I was pregnant!) I can still remember the constant nauseous feeling and not being able to hardly eat anything. So, I have been looking forward to going ALL year!
We went with my friend Jeni, her husband Jeff, and her sister Melissa. To start off, the five of us shared a plate of oriental noodles and a huge basket of cheese fries. Then for my main course I had a Perogie (fried dough ball filled with chicken and cheese) and a slice of garlic cheese bread. For dessert, I had a piece of chocolate covered cheesecake. Everything was so good and I am already craving another piece of cheesecake! All of us left there very full and probably wishing we hadn't eaten so much. Oh well, it was totally worth it.

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Tom said...

Pig out in the Park is the best. I definately pigged out this year. Started out with sharing the Pad Thai (Thai noodles), then shared a serving of cheesy curly fries, then on to the main dish: Sweet and Sour Chicken, fried noodles, and an egg roll, and finally a dessert...a giant piece of homemade carmel apple pie/crisp topped with two scoops of homemade vanilla ice cream! WOW it was good, but I was hurting at the end of the night.

Susan said...

So now I know what you'll be "working off" on our run this weekend!

I heard one of the local DJs this morning say he hates "Pig Out" because he always eats something and then only 5 minutes later he sees something that looks even better to eat. So true!

Anonymous said...

We went last year to Pig Out in the Park with the Spokane branch of the family. I remember the good food, but remember more the mass of humanity. You were swept along in a river of people who were all trying to decide which foods to stop and buy. You had to be ready to "peel out" of the mass of people when you reached the place where you wanted to stop. One choice I knew I had to make was Clinkerdagger's famous Broadway Pea Salad.