Tuesday, August 15, 2006

You've come a long way Jordyn!

Jordyn had her weekly physical therapy today. She did so awesome and I had to brag about it. Jordyn usually cries several times during her therapy. She can get very angry if they are making her do something difficult or something she doesn't like. But, today she made it through 45 min. of therapy without crying AT ALL! I couldn't believe it! I told the therapist that I thought it was the first time EVER that she hadn't cried during therapy! So we started talking about how much Jordyn has improved since we've been seeing this therapist (for the past 2 years) and how much she has changed. And when I got home, it got me thinking about the very first day we ever took her to physical therapy. I think she was about 6 months old. I dug out the photos Jordyn's first therapist took of her, on the very first day of therapy. I thought it would be fun to compare those pictures with pictures of her now.

Jordyn on her first day of therapy. (sorry the
quality isn't better)

Jordyn's most recent photo taken on Sunday.

Jordyn's muscle tone being evaluated
on her 1st day. Very floppy.

Jordyn's muscle tone being evaluated today.
Looking better! I thought it would be a good
idea to compare photos of the same pose, but
failed to realize that Jordyn is almost 25lbs.
heavier! You can't see in the photo that Tom
is having a hard time lifting her! She thought
it was pretty fun.
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momma k said...

Good going, Jordyn--you have improved tremendously. We are all rooting for you and find joy in each new thing you learn to do. Your smile lights up the world.

Jenny said...

I love Jordyn stories. She has grown so much! Tell more Jordyn stories! I think Jordyn has a big team of "cheerleaders" behind her...I think some of them are real angels too! Love that girl.