Monday, August 21, 2006

Evan's first swim! (and misc. topics)

Saturday afternoon we ventured out to our apartment pool to take Evan for his first swim. The Kovich Family and their two friends who are visiting, also came. My neice, Katherine, got to go for her first swim too! Evan thought the water was pretty cold at first, but once he got used to it, he seemed to like it. We will have to try and get out to the pool a few more times before it closes for the season.
Sunday night we went over to Susan and Kurt's house and played our favorite game - Settlers of Catan. I wonder if we will ever get tired of playing that game?
On a totally different subject, our favorite show started it's new season tonight.... Prison Break! We have been anxiously awaiting it's return and finally got to see what happens. It's kind of funny because we love this show (I think it ties with LOST as our #1 favorite show) and we don't know anyone else who has ever watched it! I think we just happened to watch it one night and then totally got hooked! I am always telling myself that I watch way too much TV. So, most of the time I try to limit how much TV I watch because I don't want to revolve my schedule around what show is on at a certain time. But, the exception to the rule is Prison Break and Lost. Here are my excuses as to why I can watch these shows every week:
#1 Prison Break is on Monday night and nothing is going on Monday nights!
#2 Lost is on Wednesday nights. Tom has Young Men's Wednesday nights, so I am always at home taking care of the kids.
#3 It seems like the shows "season" only lasts a few months anyways!
What shows do you never miss?? You know you have them, even if you don't want to admit it!

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Pop said...

Evan seems to have filled out a little more even since the last photos you posted. He wants that thumb even in the water! Looks like Jordyn is thinking hard about the water. "Should I put my hands in?"

momma k said...

Cute pictures! Maybe we should meet at Fairmont Hot Springs sometime for a family reunion.