Saturday, January 08, 2011

Halloween Mario Kart Style

Playing catch-up... again!

My little nephew, Clay, gave us the brilliant idea that we should have the kids be Mario Kart characters. I loved it! I worked on them for about a week, whenever I had a little bit of time. I thought the boys' cars turned out so cute. I thought Jordyn's would be the easiest since you could just wrap it around the wheelchair and she already has wheels, BUT that was not the case. It was hard to make it look like a car. But, it was still cute!

Princess Peach

I think we ended up going to three different Halloween events. First was the library. We got some GREAT reactions from everyone, they loved the costumes! It makes all the hard work worth it. And the fact that the boys loved the costumes too! There were a few other Mario and Luigi's (wearing store bought costumes) and they kept staring at Evan and Carter. I could just tell they were so jealous of the cars! Then the next night was our church party. Then Sunday night we did a little bit of trick-or-treating around our nephews neighborhood. I would say this year was another success!

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Jenny said...

I LOVE these costumes. You really did a great job! And our boys love looking at the photos too.