Saturday, January 08, 2011

Family Pictures

I had a friend who offered to take our family pictures. She wanted to practice on us because she is starting her own photography business. She was fantastic! They are the first professional pictures we have ever had taken. Let's just say we had a bad experience a long time ago at a cheap photography place and I've been scared ever since. It makes it a little tricker with Jordyn too! She can get irritated pretty easily. But she did great! The boys had fun too. Evan was such a poser and we really had to work to get Carter to smile! I picked out our outfits last minute, but I was REALLY happy with how the colors turned out. We were so happy with the results of ALL the photos. I think I've looked through the pictures about a million times. Enjoy!

(bottom left photo is funny, we are looking in different directions. Trust me, it's so easy feat getting a bunch of little kids looking in the right direstion!)

And a few extras that I loved:

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CB said...

Wow I love the colors you chose and the pictures really did come out great! You have such a beautiful family!

P.S. I have never seen Jordyn looking happier - that is so wonderful!

Unknown said...

I love the picture of all the kids. Jordyn's smile always melts my heart! Miss you all!

Colleen said...

Hi Emily,
I am a mom with two young girls. My youngest, Emmy, almost 3, is currently being tested for rett syndrome. I am fairly certain she has it as she displays all the signs. I found your blog and it has been very helpful! It is great to see how positive you are and how you go on living life. I would love to hear more about Jordyn's story. If you get a chance you can email me
I would love to chat! Thanks, Colleen