Sunday, July 18, 2010

The beginning of Jordyn's Make-A-Wish Adventures!

We got a phone call from the Make-a-Wish organization in June. (if you don't already know, we are heading to Disney World in December for Jordyn's Make-a-Wish!) The Gillette Thunder Speedway had called them and wanted to sponsor a child's wish. They were excited to find out that there was a local child they could sponsor...Jordyn! So, we got invited to the races the night of the fundraiser. They put us in a sky box which was perfect for Jordyn. I honestly know Jordyn loved the noise! We would open the door to the sky box and Jordyn would smile and laugh when she heard the craziness. But it was nice to keep her in there so she didn't hear TOO much noise!

The cousins all sat out in front of the sky box.... they loved the races! Carter, Clay, Evan, and Cole. (Jordyn in the background!)

Takes a minute to get used to the noise!

Perect night for a race. One of the coal mines is what you see in the distant background.

Ninny and Jordyn enjoying the race!

Tom, Travis, and Jason (friend).

A crash! He was ok.

At intermission they had the race car drivers come into the audience and collect donations, in helmets, for Jordyn's wish. Sorry, kinda blurry!

They also spoke with us, or I should say Tom :), over a loud speaker. He just told a little about Jordyn and that we were going to Disney World. He did a good job. Some of the crowd could see us but most of them couldn't or weren't paying attention to where we were. As you can see, I'm hiding in the background because there was NO way I was going to do the talking! haha Tom said I still owe him big time for making him do that!
They also did a little "catch up" with the child they sponsored last year. I'm not positive, but she may have had cancer. She chose to get a puppy!

The girls!

Jordyn had a great time! We were so excited to go and so blessed to have been chosen by the Speedway. They also auctioned off an awesome grill to include in the fundraising efforts for Jordyn.

So, the excitement doesn't stop there! Just a few days after finding out she was chosen to be sponsored by the Gillette Speedway, we got another call from Make-a-Wish. They had been contacted by the Wally Byam Caravan Club AKA the Airstream RV Association. They were having their annual international rally in Gillette for one week. They always choose a child from the local community and fund raise to help them with medical expenses. So, they also had contacted Make-a-Wish and were excited to hear that Jordyn was a local Make-a-Wish child.

We got in contact with them and they began their medical fundraiser for Jordyn. Their rally was literally starting two days after we went to the Speedway fundraiser! They asked us if we could come to one of the nightly events so they could introduce us and everyone could meet Jordyn. We went Wednesday night and it was a band concert and choir made up of the rally participants. Everyone was so nice! Jordyn got a stuffed animal right when we got there (and they sent some home for the boys) and they seated us right in the front. They introduced us right at the beginning and we stood so everyone could see Jordyn.

Another reason they were so excited to choose Jordyn was because the president of the rally
had lost his daughter to a seizure disorder. Another couple had a granddaughter who had recently had surgery to stop her seizures. So you can imagine when they found out that Jordyn had seizures, it was close to their hearts, and they wanted to help. We got to chat with those I mentioned about their kids/grand kids too.

The night we went was also the night they "revealed" where next years rally would be (Duquion, IL). A few rally members did a skit and let me tell you..... it was hilarious! Just because the members might be a bit older doesn't mean they aren't just as SPUNKY as when they were young! Check out the pic. below of a lady in a wheelchair with a whip and someone dressed as a horse pulling her for the skit! LOL

Me, Jordyn, and Linda Amy. She was in charge of fundraising efforts for Jordyn. Loved her!

Awww, look how cute Jordyn looks on a jar!

Had to get a pic. by one of the Airstream trailers! What a great night. We could not be any more grateful for everything they did. I'm still in shock at everything that happened to us in just one week! I kept thinking,"Nothing like this ever happens to us!" I can't wait wait to put the money to good use. Who knows the possibilities we could pursue now. And who knows, maybe one day we will be "Airstreamers" and we can go the rallies! :)