Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Devil's Tower

It didn't take us long to make our first trip to Devil's Tower (the weekend of Feb. 14). It's only one hour and fifteen minutes can't beat that! My Grandpa Andersen took a much needed vacation (he cares for my Grandma who has dementia) and came up to MT to visit my parents for a week. My poor Grandpa is from California and probably froze to death while he was here! They decided to come to WY for the weekend and see our new house. We were excited to have visitors!

None of us had ever been to Devil's Tower before, so it was an easy decision to go there. However, it was REALLY cold and all of the tourist stores were closed. But it was really pretty and it started snowing lightly too. I have to admit, I didn't know a single thing about Devil's Tower, except what it looked like in pictures. So, if you're like me...go HERE and learn about it!

Near the base. As I mentioned before Gillette pretty much has no trees. On our drive to Devil's tower Evan actually said,"Look mommy! TREES!" Poor kid gets excited when he sees trees! Sad,very sad.
Carter being his usual cute self.
Jordyn, Mark (my dad), Mirl (my grandpa), Evan, me, & Carter.

My cute Grandpa.

After my Grandpa posed for this photo, Evan marched over and stood there waiting for us to take his picture too.

Tom and I. We will definitely be going back in the spring or summer. I think it would be really pretty that time of year.

Snowball fight! Evan was chasing my Grandpa to throw snow at him!

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Wendy said...

Your smarter than me cause I hadn't heard of Devils Tower nor seen pictures of it til now. Its really cool looking. I'll have to go read up on it.

Happy belated birthday Tom!!

Cherie said...

Just think of the pioneers who went by Devil's Tower in the winter with nothing on their feet and not coat, etc...and lots of snow. Amazing!

The Shep's Herd said...

Looks like you guys had fun. What a cute grandpa. I'm super excited about your new house. I'm glad you doing well.

Deanna said...

Looks like Grandpa had a great time with your family!!