Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Montana! Part 3

Over the weekend we went on an outing to the zoo. The day we went just happened to be the first day to see the new bear, Bruno. It ended up being a perfect day to go to the zoo... not too hot and not too cold. Even though the zoo here doesn't have a ton of animals, I really love that you feel like you are walking around in most of the animal's natural habitats. It was really green and pretty!

A peacock. Don't you just want to pluck off one of their feathers?

Jordyn kicking a goat.

Evan is quite fearless of all animals. A little too fearless actually!

My cute bear cubs.

Grandpa and Evan. Evan keeps calling Grandpa "Daddy"... so we've been trying really hard to get Evan to at least say "Pa". Evan will say "Pa" when you tell him him to, but he's still calling grandpa "Daddy" most of the time! We'll see if he can learn it by the time we leave!

I think every one's favorite exhibit at this zoo is the sea otter!

Bruno the Bear

Here we are at Riverfront Park in Billings. I used to run my cross country meets here... ah, memories. It's a great place to go walking on trails and see ducks and other wildlife. There were a lot of baby geese and Evan got "hissed" at by one of the moms for getting to close!

Evan and his new friend Rex. Evan loves chasing Rex. He's getting more and more comfortable with Rex and is starting to terrorize him!

We thought this picture was pretty funny! I think my dad took it while at Costco the other day.

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Cherie said...

Emily - I am SO EXCITED that you have a blog - wait - 2 blogs! How cool is that.
I have learned so much more about you just reading your blog I love that.
Have fun in Montana:))

Josh and Kim said...

I love that picture of Evan on the bridge!

Josh and Kim said...

OK, I got that information that we talked about. It is, their office for the NW is on 2593 Overland here is Billings. They are actually called D.H. Blattner & Sons, good luck, they are mostly industrial and so I don't know if that will work.

Susan said...

I love looking at all of your Montana pictures. I'm excited to visit later this summer. And I love Evan on the bridge (Go figure!)