Tuesday, December 12, 2006

cookie time

Tom and I decided to make some holiday treats for the families that we Home Teach and Visit Teach for church. I have no idea how, but we came up with the idea to make "missionary gingerbread men" and then have a little quote about sharing the gospel with others at Christmas time or something like that. So here is our finished product. They are actually very tasty too. I baked the cookies and frosted them. Tom did the decorating detail. Piping decorations onto cookies is harder than it looks! Oh, we are also giving some of the cookies to the missionaries in our ward... we couldn't leave them out. These cookies are also in honor of my brother Todd, who is on his mission in NYC right now. We hope he is having a great Christmas season! Posted by Picasa

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momma k said...

These are the cutest gingerbread men ever! You should send a picture of these into the Children's Friend and maybe they will put it in next year's December issue.

Topher said...

What is the black rectangle on his shoulder?

just kidding, T-bone. Nice cookies/I'm just jealous because we didn't get any.