Friday, October 10, 2008

I'd like to nominate the Bybee family (that's us) as "The Worst Guests EVER"! Tom and I are feeling pretty bad because we are such terrible guests. Where do I start? First off, we still haven't found a place to live(that's a whole nother story), so we've been mostly staying with Tom's sister. We definitely thought we'd have a place by now, so we feel guilty for staying so long. Tom started his new job so we've had to stick around Gillette while he works and we continue searching for a place. This past week ALL three of our kids got a stomach bug! Luckily, it was one time throwing up and then they were ok. But, Jordyn threw up all over Linda's new couch. Lovely. Linda was so great to help with the sick kids and having to deal with cleaning her new couch! Linda has also changed more poopy diapers than any Aunt should have to. Whenever we leave the kids with her, they all get stinky diapers. Then, last night Tom and I both got REALLY sick. Let's just say we were taking turns throwing up from about 1am-7am. We both said it was the sickest we have both been in our ENTIRE lives. It was bad! So, Linda pretty much took care of our kids all day long because we could hardly get out of bed. And it just happened to be one the few days that her husband had off from work! Don't you think we deserve the "worst guest award" and Linda deserves the "greatest person of all time" award??!

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CB said...

O.K. That is so yucky! When everyone gets sick at the same time it is good I guess (you get through it faster) but just a mess.

I don't think it is a bad guest situation. Just unfortunate germs?!

Hope you are all feeling better:-}

PS Good luck on finding a place to live soon.

Sarah said...

OH.. how misrable! Hope you are all well again. All us Ross' are sick too, but with the never ending cold. Dan has been trying to get a hold of Tom and has had no luck. Could you have him call? Email me if you need his number. Hope everything is well and you find a home soon!

Sarah said...

I meant to leave our blog address: You can reach us there!

The Barney's said...

Emily that is awful!! What a great sister in law! But you'd do the same if the situation were reversed. We sure missed ya at Girls Night last month!! Good luck finding a place. It is stressful!! I cant believe the snow. We only got a 1/2 inch or so last Friday but it was too much for me!! I hate snow and I am just not ready. Good luck with everything and hope you all feel better soon!! Lori