Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I am: Emily

I think: politics are boring. Sad but true.

I know: I should finish college

I want: a massage

I wish: I could go on an exotic vacation

I hate: rude people (esp. customer service people)

I miss: my sisters

I fear: getting seriously ill

I feel: happy when my kids want to snuggle with me

I hear: everyone playing Wii Mario Kart

I smell: bacon

I crave: sweets of every kind!

I search: for new recipes all the time

I wonder: if I'll ever get to travel out of the country

I regret: not keeping in touch with old friends

I love: how great I feel after I exercise

I care about: Tom & the kids

I always: forget birthdays

I am not: good at singing

I believe: in Jesus Christ

I remember: the first PG-13 movie I ever saw (Encino Man)

I don't understand: why people like the WWE

I don't always: express my feelings when I should

I need: a new camera

I win: Settler's of Catan (some of the time anyways)

I lose: Scrabble EVERY time

I never: eat tomatoes

I listen: to Pandora Radio

I can usually be found: on the computer or taking care of the kids

I'm scared of: anyone in my family dieing

I'm happy about: spending so much time with Tom while he isn't working

I tag: anyone who has the time to do this!

2 people who like me:

Jenny said...

That is great idea for a post. Maybe just maybe I will do it later. I loved your comment about WWE. I totally don't get that either!!

Anonymous said...

It was really fun to read your comments. I really laughed about "politics being boring." I can be found "taking care of the kids" is totally true for Emily--I don't know how she does it sometimes.