Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jordyn's Appointments - Part One

Now that I have taken a few weeks off due to giving birth to Carter, it's time to get back in the swing of things. That means taking Jordyn to all of her appointments! I was looking at my planner today and realized we have 2-3 appointments every week, for the next four weeks! We are gonna be busy!

This past week, we've gone to two appointments already. The first was an evaluation for a sleep study. I won't go into detail about all of her sleep issues or I would be typing for hours. But, the sleep study may give us insight into why she doesn't sleep well and if there is a cure. So, we are scheduled for the sleep study in early February. I am very anxious to see what the sleep study will reveal about Jordyn.

Our second appointment was a visit to a Neuropsychologist. I was thinking that this appointment might be kind of boring and not very beneficial. (Awhile ago our neurologist recommended that Jordyn go to a "clinic" where several different doctors meet with her and then give us recommendations on who else she might benefit from seeing.... one doctor recommended we see a neuropsychologist) But, much to my surprise, it was a great appointment! The neuropsychologist was extremely interested in Jordyn, which always makes me happy! She was reading Jordyn's file and kept saying," Hmmmm. Wow! Oooh. Hmmm. I see." The doctor said that she specializes in kids with developmental disabilities and that she has never met any child like Jordyn and that Jordyn is very unique. So, we ended up talking for 2.5 hours! Most importantly, she told us about a Developmental Neurologist that comes to Boise a few times a year from N. Carolina. She really wants us to meet with him. She also told us about a intense preschool program for developmentally delayed kids, that she thought Jordyn would benefit from. So, we are going to check out both of her recommendations. Another thing the doctor kept talking about during the appointment was the fact that I was only 25! She couldn't believe I was only 25 and dealing with all of Jordyn's problems... and that I had two other kids also. (We get this reaction a lot!) I told her that I really feel older than 25! So, for the whole appointment she kept complimenting me over and over on how well I was doing taking care of Jordyn & dealing with the stress/worries of taking care of a special needs child. And she couldn't believe all of the doctors we've seen and programs we've been involved in..... even since we've moved here. I was feeling pretty good about myself after we left! haha Sometimes it's good to hear those compliments every once in awhile because I will often begin to doubt that I'm doing enough for Jordyn. But, I often realize that I really am doing all I'm capable of!
So, that is the short version of her two appointments. Next week we are going to a geneticist. This will be the third geneticist we've seen, so I'm not getting my hopes up that we will find out anything new. We'll meet with a geneticist who specializes in metabolic disorders. He is from Oregon and comes here every few months. Then, we'll be having our check up with our developmental pediatrician (he mainly helps us with Jordyn's behavior problems)... and then the sleep study after that! I'll update you after those appointments!

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Anonymous said...

You are indeed far beyond your years when it comes to watching out for Jordyn and her future. The doctor was right, you are really quite amazing. Jordyn ended up with a fantastic Mom and Dad.

Holly said...

Wow Emily, thanks for the insight into all the things you have to deal with and do. You come across so confident and cool that I guess I don't realize how much you really have going on with Jordyn. i think I would crumble in your situation. I'm here though if you need a sitter for the other two while you go to appointments. anytime, just say the word.

Cindy said...

You are such an inspiration Emily. Ever since I have met you and Jordyn and I just think what would I do if I were in your situation and I think I would crumble too. You are a wonderful mother and I'm sure you get overwhelmed all to often. Thanks for the insight. I guess I never really knew all the issues with Jordyn. You truely are an amazing 25 year hot not frumpy mama.

The Wynia Family said...

I will add to the other comments that you are pretty awesome! You have even inspired me to start a blog. I love seeing what you are up to and seeing pictures of your adorable family. I am trying to get my fam into it so that we can all stay updated but I am not having any luck. Keep up the good work and I don't think that you will EVER BE FRUMPY! But I understand that fear:)