Thursday, March 22, 2007

Party Time

Jordyn and Evan's Birthday


Well, last night was the big birthday party! On Jordyn's birthday (Tues.) she took some pudding snacks to school for her classmates. We let her open her cards and big present that night .... a food processor! I think she might be the first 4 year old to get a food processor for her B-day! We had decided awhile ago that we needed to feed Jordyn healthier meals and not so many pre-made foods. A lot of the meals I make for us are just too difficult for Jordyn to eat and too hard to smash up! So, my parents went in on a food processor with us. And last night, Jordyn got to eat pizza for the first time! We called it "pizza mush" and she loved it!

Last night we had the Kovich family, Katie Kovich (Kurt's sister), and Jeni & Jeff Christiansen over. Jordyn and Evan opened all their presents first. A few things they got: cards & money, clothing, puzzle, swim suits/sunglasses, assortment of sports balls, walk n' ride toy, music dvd/cd, and books. Then the kids got to eat their devil's food cake with cream cheese frosting. I kept the decorating simple.... no animal shaped cakes this year. They had fun eating their cake and ice cream. Evan loved it, but actually didn't get too messy. I thought he would be covered in it, but he was nice and kept fairly clean! It was a great day and it's always a little sad when their birthdays are over. Thank you everyone for the gifts and cards... we have such awesome family and friends!

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momma k said...

My Dad,sis and I had birthdays right in a row too--it is rather fun as you just keep celebrating.
The pictures are all so cute--sorry we missed the party.

Pop said...

Wow, the festivities look like they were so fun. Happy birthdays!